* Are you talented?

* Not satisfied with your current job?

* Working for more hours and earning a meager income?

* Having high dreams to become an entrepreneur?

* Do you crave for social recognition?

* Planning for budgetary business?

Then, this is the right option you have chosen..

The main objective of giving the franchise is to support the unemployed / underemployed talented youths of India. Be your own boss, give your justified efforts and earn an equivalent income for it.

kalApravAham offers you an exciting opportunity to be a part of its fabulous growth journey. Become a franchisee and earn a great income with the sense of satisfaction in upbringing the lives of our fellowships.

What do we need from the franchisee?

Our franchisee

  1. Should be young & dynamic
  2. Should have a fluency in English
  3. Should possess the ability to teach
  4. Should have a vision of your own life
  5. Should have a passion & commitment towards the goal
  6. Should have the understanding on responsibilities of a social entrepreneur

How do we help you?


  1. Training on business
  2. Training on taking classes
  3. Lead generation through digital marketing activities month on month
  4. Course curriculum & materials
  5. Certification for the candidates

Key highlights of kalApravAham academy

  1. Completely online program.
  2. Students and the trainers will have a flexibility to commune each other.
  3. There is no commutation required which saves most of our productive time.
  4. Cost for acquiring the franchise is very minimal as there are no much of set up costs involved like a class room training program.
  5. You work & earn in your comfortable environment.
  6. You will have the greater ability to concentrate when you work in a place where you like.
  7. You have a greater control on your work hours.


To become a Franchisee Partner, please follow these steps:

  • Fill up the Franchisee Partner Form below
  • Our Team will contact you
  • Get trained in our products and process
  • Sign the Kala Pravaham Franchisee Partner agreement