Our Motto

Nowadays, every company / corporate is looking for the candidate with excellent communication skills and a relevant degree for the particular work. Though everyone holds a relevant Graduation / Master degree, still a HUGE population is unemployed / under employed. The ONLY reason is LACK OF COMMUNICATION SKILLS.

We are living in an era where the policy of Liberalization, Privatization & Globalization plays a huge impact on our Economy. So, these days many private companies and start – ups have emerged and they work globally. The old companies also have  aligned themselves to this Globalization to earn a Global recognition for their products / services offered. So, English being a Global language is a mandate one for anyone to know to read, write and speak fluently in order to raise our standard of living in this society.

This Academy is formed with the strong determination of empowering our young citizens with this Global language, English for them to get relieved from the under-employment and unemployment, which has become the grave national disease and uprooting the lives of many.

Why kalApravAham

Only when this language is mastered School goers can score good marks in their exams, College goers can score marks & get the campus placement with a decent package, the working professionals, shall look for their promotions in their career or shall shift to a better career with the decent package.

Communication is a skill that is going to accompany your entire life and will make you earn respect & money till death. This is an important Life Transforming Skill which everyone should possess for their well being.

Click here to join this life transforming course with the small share of 0.00000001% of investment you made from your kindergarten till Graduation / Post Graduation for the ONLY purpose of getting a well settled life.

You will learn English through a method that has been endorsed by experts from leading universities worldwide. Our courses are designed to tap your learning skills, thus learning in a very engaging and efficient way, and can serve as a basis for conversation with your personal teacher. We help you get to the next level through these value added service

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About the Founder

I hold a handful experience in sales & marketing with corporate, education industry & manufacturing units.

Throughout my life, what I have learned / studied is “COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS”. This is a very important and non-negotiable factor for anybody who wants to become a star in their own life.

Knowledge is meant to share and I did my best imparting my learning on my colleagues and juniors for their career upliftment. I, personally felt to come out of this nutshell to guide the masses, our young India who is so desperate to get a job. I felt their desperation deeply whenever I interviewed a candidate. The only factor what they miss is communication & self confidence though they get a wonderful marks.

So, I am here right away to guide my brothers and sisters with what I have learned and what is necessary for them to increase their standard of living in their office / society.

What People Say



I didn’t even expect that Kalapravaham academy could make my Tamil medium students to converse in English!



during this learning journey you will be guided by your personal teacher, who will monitor your progress, answer your questions and help you achieve the level of English you need. I found that very helpful.



Kalapravaham Academy’s content is very detailed and insightful for practicing, listening, or speaking.  It’s great for beginners like me and everybody who wants to start learning English.